Active Wellness


Bubble Ground: Ultralight technology that guarantees comfort during the dynamic adaptability of the sports footprint. Protecting against high impact and maintaining a natural footprint during walking thanks to our registered technology.

S Flex: Totally flexible sole with a perfect grip that adapts to any sports practice and the daily life of the youngest. Being Flexible Sole means betting on innovative materials that combine lightness, firmness and elasticity with total flexibility that allows perfect sensory development and proprioception.

Nawtural Shape: Both the lasts and the soles are designed for nawtural stepping. We provide the necessary space to the front part of the foot, we develop good rearfoot support and we seek maximum adaptability in the supports.

Zero Drop: All our floors ensure a natural landing step. Naw uses 8mm soles with the same thickness in both the forefoot and rearfoot, promoting correct bone and muscle development, along with the best postural alignment necessary during child growth. Thus, we avoid increased braking forces and imbalances during sports practice.