Feeling of natural comfort

The S-Flex Naw soles offer excellent uniformity of tread forces, softening plantar loads using stable, light and highly adherent materials. In this way they contribute excellently to improving the sensation of comfort of boys and girls in the sole of the foot during the entire step in its impact - support - take-off phases.

natural movement

Our soles are thin and Zero Drop, a healthy combination that results in an excellent children's sports shoe. They facilitate free movement and natural movement of the foot, helping boys and girls to strengthen their anatomical structures and prevent injuries in daily and/or sports use.

Feeling of comfort on impact

The registered technologies of NAW sports shoes offer great absorption of forces against the ground, reducing the loads on the feet and joints during the entire step in its impact - support - take-off phases. In this way they significantly contribute to preventing pain and discomfort in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lumbar back of boys and girls.

Technologically comfortable

The Naw are synonymous with multidisciplinary work carried out as a team by specialized podiatrists, biomechanical engineers, designers and technology centers. Thus, they have developed this footwear with sports specifications and technologies that allows the foot to step naturally when running and moving, protecting them from high impacts. This development that combines technology and innovation with sports performance and design is the result of a long journey over time that has allowed Naw to be launched as an innovative product.