Product description


Simplicity for movement: The lightness and fit of the Light-Knit of our respectful sneakers are ideal for any moment in a child's sporting life because they combine flexibility and support for a greater sensation of naturalness in an ultra-light 150g shoe. The fabric is made without lining for greater lightness and we recommend the use of socks to avoid excess sweating, chafing or problems derived from wearing sports shoes with the foot in direct contact.

Easy to put on and adjust: No laces! Our sports shoes are designed with elastics and double velcro, to put on and take off easily, providing the autonomy that children need. In addition, we incorporated a front and rear handle to facilitate putting on and promoting autonomy.

Stable tread without interference: The Naw-friendly sports shoes have a high-adhesion sole with a hardness suitable for the impact of exercise and to avoid imbalances during sports practice. Thanks to the absence of drop, we avoid the increase in braking forces and the maximum passive load. Its great flexibility, especially in the metatarsal part, allows effective takeoff of the race. The 8mm sole with a higher wall height in the rearfoot area provides stability in lateral movements without splinting and without the need for buttresses. Additionally, each sole is painted with an extra color, so since it is a manual process, there may be variations in color between each pair.

Dynamic adaptability: Bubble Ground technology provides maximum comfort when practicing sports, maintaining the natural footprint while walking. Our technology is designed to reduce impact pressures produced by the dynamic adaptability of the footprint, increasing comfort.

Insole: The Naw insole is a removable 2 mm with Coolmax All Season technology to keep you cool and dry on the hottest days, as well as maintain body heat on the coldest days.

High-performance fabric: The toe of the Naw respectful children's footwear, in addition to giving all the necessary space to the fingers and is designed for a fast running start, is wide and reinforced to ensure its durability, but with no thickness, hardness and weight. Our lacing is reinforced, without added pieces to improve the hold of the elastics. To ensure the greatest comfort for children during their sports, the heel of the shoe is padded.